Free From all pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.

When you join CSA you become a "shareholder". That is, you pay for a share of the farm expenses and in return you receive a share of the bounty.  Some CSA's also ask that you share in the labor, we do not.   

Some of these expenses include vegetable seed, cover crop seed (an important aspect of sustainable farming), organic fertilizers, cost and labor of starting 1000's of seedlings every season, maintenance of pollinator gardens and honey bee hives, fuel to bring your share from the farm, and the farmers time and talent.

In return you will receive 16 abundant boxes of produce.  We plan carefully so that you will receive a variety of seasonal vegetables in a quantity that is suitable for you.  We do our best to grow seasonal favorites that you can rely on, while also introducing you to a few new tastes.  We will listen to your feedback and make changes, as appropriate, to adjust to the wants and needs of our shareholders.

There is an inherent risk to farming.  Sometimes, in despite of our hard work and diligent planning, a natural disaster will strike.  If this were to happen, there would be no refunds.  Not to the farmer or the shareholder.  Please let us know if you have any concerns on this, or any other issue.

Community supported agriculture

$475 for 16 weeks

1 Share will generally feed a family of 4-5,

or 2 adult vegetarians

Summer CSA season lasts 16 weeks;

approximately mid-June through the end of September

Convenient pick up locations in:

Hayden, ID Saturday Morning - Rob's Flour Mill

Liberty Lake, WA Saturday Evening - To Be Determined

Kettle Falls, WA Wednesday - To Be Determined




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